Jason Laplow is a second-year student at Michigan State University, seeking a degree in journalism with a double minor in sports journalism and broadcasting. 

Growing up in Midland, Michigan, Jason attended H.H. Dow High School, where he gained experience as a scholastic journalist for all four years, having been the managing sports editor and eventually editor-in-chief of his high school newspaper, Update, as well as the leader of the video communications club from his freshman year on. He helped to co-found his high school's broadcast program, Bolt Media, and was given the title of executive producer for his senior year, its first year in existence.

In college, Jason has become involved with Spartan Vision/B1G+ and Spartan Sports Report, where he has honed his skills even further, technical directing the in-house video board show for all of Michigan State's home basketball games and becoming the primary director of Spartan Sports Report. Additionally, he spent the summer of 2022 working for the Great Lakes Loons in its video production department, providing both in-house and broadcast entertainment. 

Jason is very passionate about journalism, specifically relating to sports, and hopes to someday work in the professional sports video industry. He's also very interested in technology and always seeks to be on the cutting edge of knowledge when it comes to consumer electronics.

Overall, he enjoys being challenged and given opportunities where he knows that he can show the value of his work.